Site Launch

Categories: Self

So it's been a couple years in the making, but I suppose you could call this the soft launch. The domain has changed slightly and displayed nothing but a simple "coming soon" message for more than 3 years, and I ended up using a completely different design than planned. But that's how it goes. The web changes constantly, so I shouldn't be too surprised.

Work will continue, but at this point I've got the main area finished and wanted to finally get some content out there. It was too disappointing each time I remembered that there was a website out there with my name on it that was completely void of substance. So now you can read a short description of what makes me tick and shoot me an email, which is more than welcome. Feedback on the design is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to filling it with more content in the very near future.

Thanks for checking it out, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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